An Ecological Eschatology?

Certainly there is much compelling evidence in scripture that we humans are charged to care for the rest of creation. To steward resources responsibly. To respect the created order and to protect the natural world.

Ben Thompson - Jay and Ken aboard the Henry David T

Finding the Kingdom of God while Blockading a Coal Ship

I’m going to start by saying that the number one thing is putting the still small voice at the center of my life, and trusting it, knowing that it is real and true and that it is more relevant and important than outside considerations of strategy or the “right thing to do”, it’s more important than any striving or hard work, it’s more important than crawling on my knees through the desert for a hundred miles repenting, because Mary Oliver is my…

Todd Petrie Chapel of the Transfiguration CC-BY-2.0

Exploring Ecotheology: Toward a Christian Theology of Creation

A Christian perspective on God’s relation to Creation necessarily informs our understanding of humanity’s relationship to the world in which we live. Through time and across Christendom, voices from Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican, and reformed traditions offer a broad and holistic approach to embracing a Christian theology of Creation…

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Trail blaze, or follow the road? My best friend grew up on a few acres in east Texas, in a town of a 1,000…

Empty Creel


Stranger: “A wiser fella than myself once said, sometimes you eat the bar; and…sometimes the bar, why, he eats you.” The Dude: “That some…